Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open to the public?

Yes, although we are much larger than your average nursery, we are open to the public.

Do you provide wholesale to others in the industry?

No, at this time we are strictly retail to the end user.

What services do you offer?

In addition to our extensive retail nursery and tree farm, we also provide full landscape services including design build, irrigation installation, masonry, outdoor kitchens and more.

Do you have picture of landscape jobs you have done?

Yes, in the landscape tab you will find a gallery showing a sample of work we have done.   You can also go to our Facebook page to see the most recent jobs we have completed.

When is the best time to plant a tree?

We jokingly say the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago so you could be enjoying a large tree now.  The next best time to plant is today. In the past trees were grown in the ground, dug up and transplanted in their new location. This was extremely hard on the tree and in conjunction there was a high mortality rate of newly planted trees. This could also only be done in the winter when the trees were dormant. Progress now allows us to grow trees in containers, keeping the full root system intact. This allows us to plant the tree any time of year with little to no transplant shock. The key is proper planting followed by proper watering of the new tree to ensure a smooth transition.

What trees grow best here?

The trees and shrubs we carry at Fossil Creek are ones that are either native to this area, or well adapted to the environment. We do not want your plants to struggle, so we make sure to have available the best plants for this area. We will carry a few more challenging plants, but they will be the exception, and will always be brought to the attention of the customer before purchase.

What size trees to you have?

The smallest shade tree we carry is a 30 gallon. The largest shade tree we have available is a 96” box. We highly recommend you visually inspect trees rather than depending on just price by container size. Our industry specifications allow for a great deal of leeway in sizing plants. For instance, a 30 gallon tree can be anything from 1 ¼” to 3” in diameter. We try to always be at the upper end of the specification. There is also a great deal of variation in quality in trees. So we urge customers to make a site visit and actually see the trees before making a final decision.   

Do you have pictures of the trees you offer?

Yes, in the tree section you will see pictures of many (but not all) of the trees we sell. We recommend you come in to see the large and ever changing variety available.

Do you install trees?

Yes, any tree purchased from Fossil Creek Tree Farm can be delivered and installed for an additional fee.

Is there a warranty on your trees and shrubs?

Yes, Trees and shrubs over 3 gallon in size carry a one year warranty for 50% of the purchase value. 50% of the responsibility we put on the customer to ensure they water and care for the tree properly. Warranty does not cover neglect (over and under watering), acts of God (wind, hail etc.), insect damage or damage caused by others. For full warranty details, click here.

Do you remove tree?

No, we do not do tree removal or stump grinding. Smaller trees (3” in diameter and under) we are able to remove, but anything over this size will need to be removed by an outside company.

Do you deliver?

Yes items purchased can be delivered at an additional fee.

I have a tree that is having issues, can you help me identify the problem?

Yes.  With our years of combined knowledge we are able to help diagnose many of the most common issues trees and shrubs have. We recommend that you first start here and here to begin diagnosing the issue before calling or coming to see us.   You can also send a sample of the affected area to the agriculture extension by clicking here.

How much should I water my new tree?

Click here for our watering guideline for new trees, and here for our watering guidelines for shrubs. Please keep in mind this is A GENERAL GUIDELINE, and should not be taken as the absolute authority on watering. With the variation in soil types, slope, sun exposure etc. it is imperative that adjustments to watering be made as needed based on your specific conditions. Also keep in mind it IS possible to overwater trees and shrubs.

I have an irrigation system so that should take care of watering my tree correct?

No. Keep in mind that irrigation systems are designed to water only the top 3-4” of soil where sod and smaller plant root system reside. Trees have a much deeper root system and need to be “deep watered” to ensure the full root system has water available. We recommend either adding a bubbler to your irrigation system specifically for the tree, or using a “tree bag” to ensure the tree receives the deep water it needs.

Do you offer online coupons or discounts?

The best place to keep up with current sales is to follow us on Facebook or sign up for our e-mail newsletter.

How can I join the Fossil Creek team?

You can submit an application by clicking here.