Your ultimate list of Redbuds for Texas Landscapes

Yes, it’s that time of year! Redbud time! 
We know what you’re thinking – we’re still a few weeks away from seeing those brilliant purple and deep rose flowers erupt across North Texas.  True! But if you want to see those vibrant pink & purple fireworks in your yard this spring NOW is the time to plant your Redbud.
If you wait to plant till March when you see your neighbors’ trees erupting with color as you drive by, you’ll be disappointed to find they won’t bloom this spring when you want that gorgeous color.   Planting now is key to get those beautiful blooms this Spring.
Redbud trees are perfect for all landscape sizes needing a little ornamental flair and a pop of color.  These drought and heat tolerant beauties are perfect for our hot Texas summers.   They do well in part shade and full sun but are happiest in summer with a little afternoon shading.
We have a huge variety of Redbuds in different colors and sizes in stock and ready to be planted here at the Fossil Creek Tree Farm.  You can learn a little bit about each one below.

Be sure to swipe our Redbud Planting and Care Guide freebie at the bottom of this post to help you take care of your favorite Redbud.


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Fossil Creek Tree Farm and Nursery Redbud Trees are ready for planting

The Ultimate List of Best Redbuds in Texas

Texas Redbud  

This heat and drought resistant Redbud is native to Central Texas and can handle our Texas summers like a champ.  It grows between 15 and 20 feet tall with rounder, thicker, glossy leaves than it’s Eastern cousin.  The Texas Redbud is commonly found decorating DFW parks, roadsides, and natural areas with a spray of purple-red flowers in Spring, much to our delight.  

Oklahoma Redbud 

Grows about 15 feet tall and wide and is loved for its masses of vibrant, small, purple-red flowers that give way to soft pink-tinged foliage after the flowers fade.  

Merlot Redbud 

A phenomenal hybrid ideal for smaller spaces, the Merlot boasts thick, glossy dark purple leaves with a little Texas Redbud in its genes so it stands up to the summer heat.  This drought-tolerant beauty boasts bright lavender-pink flowers in Spring and can reach heights between 12 and 15 feet tall and wide.  

The Rising Sun Redbud 

Perfect for those smaller space, this little hybrid grows 8 to 12 feet tall and 8 ft wide and puts on an ever-changing show of color from the moment it blooms in Spring.  From the rosy-lavender blooms to the deep apricot foliage,  it’s heart-shaped leaves mature through shades of orange. gold, and yellow all the same time and then turning a bright shade of lime in the summer heat.  

Forest Pansy Redbud 

Perfect for the Aggie fan, this rosy-pink bloomer gives way to brilliant scarlet-purple new leaves that mature to maroon.  Ideal for spacious landscapes, the Forest Pansy can reach heights of 20 feet tall and 25 feet wide.  

Ruby Falls Redbud 

This lovely little Redbud grows to a perfectly compact size of 6 to 8 feet tall and up to 6 feet wide for smaller yards.  The clusters of lavender-red, sweet-pea like blooms in Spring create a weeping canopy of small, heart-shaped leaves that turn yellow in the Fall.  

Traveler Redbud 

This weeping canopy relative of the Texas Redbud can reach 6 feet tall and equally wide with graceful hanging branches covered in masses of rose-pink flowers that give way for young ruby-tinted heart-shaped leaves.   Just as with all our trees, when you buy any of our Texas Redbud trees, we’ll send you home with all the care education to grow a thriving spring showstopper.  

We can’t wait to see your Redbuds this spring when they put on a show! Use #FossilCreekTreeFarm when you post your Redbud blooms to social media and show off your buds!

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