What is More Than A Tree Farm and who is this couple that is sharing ALL the things?

We are Josh and Terra Richards and we reside in Fort Worth, Texas. We have been married almost 21 years and we have two amazing kids that are polar opposite personalities. Our daughter is a kind, free spirited, gifted artist and our son is a gentle, caring and incredibly brilliant academic.

We have a horse, dog (that looks like a small horse), three cats, a Gecko, and a travelling tortoise.

We have been building businesses together since 1999. Some might think we can’t hold down a job, we prefer to believe that we take leaps and bounds and go where God leads us, even when it doesn’t make sense.

We started with a Taxi Cab Company in 1999, followed by a contract business clearing Cellular Tower padsites. In June 2004 with a lot of ambition and excitement, on the promise of selling our home as a down payment, we convinced a banker to take a chance on us and we bought a Marina and a Mobile Home park. Over the journey of seven years, we sold the mobile home park, added a Dock Building and Repair Service, Restaurant and Terra Richards Photography!

In April 2011, God called us in a direction we did not understand, but we followed anyways. We sold our property and all businesses and purchased a Tree Farm. Our hearts desire was to build a culture our community loved and create a desired culture for people to work at. We wanted to use our platform to inspire, educate, and serve others. We had NO idea how far God would take that purpose.

Over the years we have sought education from various leaders in business, marriage, parenting, and spiritual growth to keep showing up better each season for each other, our family, our team we lead, and our community.

No exaggeration, we have been business and marriage partners through droughts, floods, fires, the death of my Dad and most recently a world wide pandemic. We prefer to refer to being business partners and marriage partners, as “extreme marriage” because it takes a lot of work and communication, but the benefits far outweigh the challenges.

Our heart’s desire for More Than a Tree Farm is not to be the couple “flipping houses” that we ALL love, but to the be couple “flipping hope!”

We will continue to train ourselves, while creating tangible content to encourage you, challenge you, and drive you to carry our light into your corner of the world and do the same for your tribe.

We still work in the daily operations of Fossil Creek Tree Farm Nursery & Landscaping, and The Haven (our super cute boutique!)

XX – Josh & Terra