Yes we are open to the public!

In fact, our purpose is inspire, educate, and serve our community in their gardening and landscaping needs.

We welcome you to take a stroll across our rustic bridges and take in the colors, textures, and aromas that will inspire your creative spirit!
You will find over 10,000 square foot of greenhouses space where you will get lost in the beauty of shrubs, flowers, vine plants, ornamental trees, water features, and so much more!

Other things you will find to make your landscaping dreams a reality!

And for the gardener!

Not sure where to start? Start with our PlantFinder progam!

You will be delighted to know, many of our team members are TNLA Certified Nursery Professionals or Master Gardeners. What does this mean? It means they are well educated in plants and trees that do well in the Texas area. They have studied to received their certification and are required to continue taking CEU’s to maintain and increase their level of expertise in our zone.

We meet many people new to Texas every day and we realize it can be challenging to know what grows in our fickle temperatures and clay-like soils. It is our goal to carry products from growers, primarily in the Texas area. We also choose to carry plants that we are confident you will be successful growing in our area. It is our goal to educate you regarding the best plants for your sun-source, soil type, watering options and time to devote to maintenance, to ensure the best success and most beautiful end results of your project!

Whether you call yourself a black thumb or a lifetime gardener, it is our passion to help you!

Frequently asked questions

We currently serve the retail community exclusively!  If you are looking for wholesale in our area, contact us for recommendations.

Yes, Trees and shrubs over 3 gallons in size carry a one year warranty for 50% of the purchase value. 50% of the responsibility we put on the customer to ensure they water and care for the tree properly. Warranty does not cover neglect (over and under watering), acts of God (wind, hail etc.), insect damage or damage caused by others. For full warranty details, click here.

You can submit an application by clicking here.