4 Reasons to Choose a Real Christmas Tree

By December 1, 2016 Uncategorized


Christmas tree, flocked Christmas tree

Christmas trees at Fossil Creek Tree Farm, including a flocked tree

‘Tis the season to be jolly and deck your halls with the family Christmas tree. There are so many options available nowadays in artificial trees – pre-lit, color changing lights, timers, turntables, different colored foliage and more. With so many options and advances in artificial Christmas tree technology, what’s the advantage of the classic, real Christmas tree?

  1. They’re actually a better choice for the environment.
    Many people have the misconception that real Christmas trees are bad for the environment and contribute to deforestation. In reality, real Christmas trees are grown on farms, where they take around 7 years to mature to the sizes needed to fit in our homes. For each tree cut, approximately 3 seedlings are planted in the spring. While they are growing, Christmas trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce fresh oxygen. One acre of Christmas trees produces enough oxygen for 18 people, and there are about 1 million acres of Christmas trees being grown. Christmas trees are also an excellent use of the land, as they are most often grown where other crops will not thrive.
  1. You’re supporting small farmers and business owners and investing in something made in America.
    Most Christmas tree farms are family businesses just like ours. With rare exception, any real Christmas tree you buy is grown in the USA by an American farmer. Our trees come from a farm in western North Carolina!
  1. No setup, tear down, or storage issues.
    Avoid the dread of having to match plastic branches with color coded slots and wondering how you’re going to get it back in the box the end of the season. When you buy your real tree at Fossil Creek, we can put your stand on for you. At the end of the season, use a tree disposal bag to take it out of the house with no mess.
  1. The smell.
    Let’s be honest. The smell is the main event. No scented candle can match the glorious smell of fresh fir in your home.

While there are plenty of reasons to go artificial (our condolences to allergy sufferers), there are still many compelling reasons to stick with beautiful, natural fresh cut Christmas trees. We would love to be part of your family’s Christmas tradition! Come see us to pick out the perfect Carolina Fraser fir for your home!