Top 5 Reasons to Plant a Tree This November

By November 9, 2016 Tree Planting

ed-tree-of-the-months-2“Is now a good time to plant a tree?” That is a question we get a lot from our customers, and we can almost always answer with a resounding, “Yes!”. We carry only top quality, container grown trees that can be planted and thrive with the proper care at any time of year. Every season has its pros and cons, but November is a month with some of the best reasons to plant a new tree. Here are just five reasons you should plant a new tree this November!

Cool temperatures

Our extreme Texas heat is long gone by November, and that makes it much easier to care for your new tree. Cooler temperatures help retain water in the soil and protects trees from sun and heat damage.

Time before next summer

Planting in November will give your tree a head start on root growth before next summer. During the summer months, trees in our area use most of their resources on survival; taking in as much water as possible and using it wisely. Planting in fall allows some root growth right away, which sets it up for success next summer, fall, and beyond.

Get it done before the holidays

If you’re thinking about a new tree, planting sooner rather than later is the best way to go. Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, and planting before Thanksgiving means you won’t have to worry about fitting one more to-do into your busy schedule. We can even save you more time by planting your tree for you! Plus, you’ll have a beautiful new addition to your property to show friends and family. 

Trees make a great gift!

A tree is a tribute to a loved one that will last for generations to come. Whether you are planting a tree as a ‘thank you’ a parent, to remember a loved one who has passed, or to celebrate a new home or family member, a new tree is a perfect way to mark the beginning of making new memories and remember old ones.

You get to come visit us!

Ok, so you can do this any time of year, but fall is a great time for a stroll around the tree farm! Leaves are starting to change colors, and it’s cool enough to enjoy your walk. Plus, The Haven has many beautiful items for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so you may even check a few names off your list while you’re here. Grab your favorite boots and come see us! We’ll have a hot cup of coffee waiting for you!